One Month Until School Already?

One Month Until School Already?

Hi Everybody!

While the back-to-school days are approaching again, most have probably not realized that summer is already past halfway over and we have less than a month until school starts back up again. Crazy! However, without a doubt, I can say that this summer has been the best time of my life. Getting my license before summer unveiled an enormous amount of opportunities to hang out with friends and accomplish some of my goals. Allowing me within the past month to do things I’ve only imagined about, as I was finally able to purchase a photography drone that I had aspired to buy for the past year now. A couple of days after that, my family and I left to travel to both South Carolina and Georgia for our vacation. I had a blast and I was finally able to get a tan, although, I had to leave vacation a day early to fly to South Dakota alone to play at a regional soccer tournament. One of the best experiences of my life, as I got to compete and watch extremely high levels of soccer and see Falls Park (Picture Below). After arriving back home, I have been overwhelmed with High School soccer fitness everyday of the week, work, and hanging out with friends. I have been soooo busy! Summer is going by in a flash!


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